September 2015

Jane S.E. Clayton is a member of the panel presenting the “Practice of Collaborative Law in Family Law Matters” session at the Maine State Bar Association’s Family Law Institute 2015 on Friday, September 18, 2015

August 2015

VBK is pleased to announce the hiring of two associate attorneys, Kady S. Huff and Juliana K. O’Brien. Kady is a 2014 graduate of Western New England University School of Law and clerked for the Maine Business & Consumer Court for the past year. Juliana is a 2015 graduate of the University of Maine School of Law and was a Student Attorney with the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office and the Cumberland County Legal Aid Clinic in 2014-2015.

July 2015

Kaylee J. Folster will be teaching a Criminal Law class at Eastern Maine Community College for the 2015 fall semester. The class is part of the Criminal Justice program at EMCC.

June 2015

James C. Munch received the Maine Voluntary Lawyers Project Director’s Award for his work in coordinating pro bono legal efforts in Maine.

May 2015

James C. Munch working in conjunction with the Maine Infantry Foundation, the Maine Humanities Center at the University of Maine, the Acadia Hospital, the Maine Military & Community Network, and others, organized and coordinated the “Odysseus in Maine” project, which involved four days of events with Dr. Jonathan Shay addressing the effects of combat trauma on veterans, seeking to foster both better understanding of these phenomena as well as a better community based treatment of both Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related injuries.

January 2015

Eugene C. Coughlin served as a panelist at the Maine State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting. The topic was “Maine Arbitration in 2015: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going.”

December 2014

Kaylee J. Folster served as a presenter for the breakout groups at the Maine State Bar Association’s 2014 “Bridging the Gap” program. This program is designed to give practical practice advice to attorneys who were been admitted to the bar in 2014.

October 2014

Marvin H. Glazier was appointed by the Honorable John A. Woodcock, Jr., Chief U.S. District Judge, to serve as the District of Maine’s Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Representative. The Criminal Justice Act provides representation of defendants who are financially unable to obtain an adequate defense in the United States Courts.

September 2014

Kaylee J. Folster was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Bangor Area Recovery Network.

August 2014

Jane S.E. Clayton received recognition from the Katahdin Counsel for her pro bono work during the past year.