Landlord & Tenant Law

The attorneys at VBK can represent both landlords and tenants to make sure negotiations and lease agreements are handled properly.

The laws governing landlord and tenant agreements change often, both in scope and complexity. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can help avoid or resolve any potential disputes by ensuring your contracts and agreements meet the most recent standards of Maine’s landlord and tenancy laws.

Our landlord/tenant legal services include:

  • Lease/Rental Agreements: We can write and review both commercial and residential rental agreements for property owners.
  • Breach of Contract: The attorneys at VBK can provide expert advice to clients who need to terminate a rental agreement or who are trying to collect rent owed by the tenant.
  • Eviction: Our attorneys can educate you on the proper legal steps required to evict a tenant.
  • Evicted Tenants: If you’ve been given insufficient notice for an eviction, or if you’ve been illegally evicted, our attorneys can represent you in negotiations, mediation or in trial.

Attorneys Practicing in Landlord & Tenant Law