ADR / Mediation

With the potentially high cost of litigation and trials, many of our clients come to us to help them resolve their disputes without going to court.  Our attorneys have years of experience assisting clients with alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration.


During mediation, a neutral mediator will work with both parties to resolve the dispute in a way the two parties can agree on.  Mediation is often less emotionally taxing, less expensive and quicker than going to trial, and it can also help parties agree on a solution that would not be possible if the dispute goes to trial.


Like mediation, arbitration offers a less expensive and quicker solution than going to court, but unlike mediation, arbitration proceedings are resolved by a neutral arbitrator whose decision is legally binding on the parties.

The attorneys at VBK have extensive experience helping clients prepare for and proceed with mediation and arbitration.  If you are interested in pursuing an alternative method to resolve your legal dispute, our attorneys can help you explore your options and plan an approach that best fits your situation.